Ann and Milo will teach you how to save Australia.

Australians thought they were safe from the bonkers feminists of the American culture wars and the wacky social justice warriors who want to hand Western civilization over to Muslims and race-baiters. They were just saving you for last! But two glittering stars of conservative media, who have fought off the bad guys and won, are here to save the day. Let Ann Coulter and Milo Yiannopoulos teach you how to save glorious Australia from a full-frontal assault by politically-correct Left-wing loonies. It’s the tour liberals are calling, “ARGH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

Join us for ANN AND MILO: LIVE, an evening of hysterical, irreverent comedy and incisive political commentary with the two undisputed queens of American conservatism. The nutters are coming your way. You need to be ready. Ann and Milo can help, bringing their uniquely caustic and hilarious take on politics and culture to one of the few nations on earth that can still take a bloody joke. Yes, we mean YOU! Plus, every show has a different surprise guest from the UK, US or Australia. It’s a who’s-who of the planet’s most outrageous shit-stirrers, for two weeks only.

When they’re not writing New York Times bestselling books, Ann and Milo enjoy construction work, posing for glamorous photographs and clubbing baby seals to death.

Ann & Milo Live

A variety of tickets for every budget is available for ANN AND MILO: LIVE, with more treats and goodies offered to those who select more luxurious packages, of course. Among the many benefits VIPs receive are a goodie bag with surprise gifts from Milo and Ann, a signed copy of Milo’s new book and the chance to ask a question in the show’s Q&A session. Fix your sister’s feminism, your professor’s bizarre love affair with Islam or your “male feminist” dad’s addiction to kale crisps with a ticket to the most outrageous show of 2018.

Also Starring

(although they don't know it yet)

Julia Gillard, Malcolm Turnbull, Clementine Ford, Waleed Aly, Yassmin Abdel Magied and Jacinta Ardern.

29th Nov

Ann & Milo Live- Gold Coast

Venue to be announced

30th Nov

VIP Cruise - Gold Coast

Venue to be announced

2nd Dec

Ann & Milo Live - Sydney

Venue to be announced

3rd Dec

VIP Cruise - Sydney

Venue to be announced

5th Dec

Ann & Milo Live - Melbourne

Venue to be announced

8th Dec

Ann & Milo Live - Adelaide

Venue to be announced

11th Dec

Ann & Milo Live - Perth

Venue to be announced

Spend An Evening With America’s Leading Conservative Icons

MILO. That single name commands the attention of millions of fans and millions of angry detractors. MILO has risen from being a British tech journalist to the fabulous voice of an entire generation of young dissidents. MILO remains a mystery to much of the country -- how can a flamboyantly gay Brit appeal to audiences as diverse as college students, active-duty soldiers, and grandparents? His fearless personality, ability to be both funny and factual, and take-no-prisoners approach to the culture war all help. His last sold-out Australian tour was an international sensation.

Ann Coulter is the author of thirteen New York Times bestsellers -- In Trump we Trust; Adios America!; Never Trust a Liberal Over Three -- Especially a Republican; Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama and more. She is a frequent guest on many TV shows, including Hannity, Piers Morgan, Red Eye, HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, Fox & Friends, Dr. Drew, Entertainment Tonight, The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Early Show, Hannity and more. This is the first time Ann has spoken in Australia for over a decade. She can’t wait to be back.

Between them, Milo and Ann have sold millions of books and reached tens of millions more in speeches and interviews. And they’re really hot and funny and right about everything.

This is not the yacht you’ll be on. This yacht is from the 1950s and it is quite shit by today’s standards. Our yacht will be much nicer, with expensive champagne and a helipad, because that’s the only way we got Milo to agree to show up.

Take A Cruise With Milo And Ann

Because he’s a degenerate homosexual who deserves to be queer-bashed to within an inch of his life, Milo saw the word ‘cruise’ on this page and instantly though of public toilets. But he should have known better. He’s in the company of America’s classiest conservative, after all. We are of course talking about a fabulous boat cruise.

For those who desire a more intimate experience, select one of our luxurious cruise packages to join Ann and Milo on a yacht for a cruise. Sip champagne, snap selfies and natter with all the speakers from the tour during these exclusive gatherings. Places on each cruise are limited to preserve the intimate atmosphere, and once tickets are gone, they’re gone. So if you want to take your MILO AND ANN: LIVE experience to the next level, add a cruise to your VIP package and get up close and personal. Strictly no touching Ann Coulter, you creeps.

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Ann Blowtorches The Snowflakes In ‘Resistance Is Futile’

In Ann Coulter’s latest smash hit, the thirteen-time New York Times bestselling author eviscerates the crybaby political Left intent on ruining America – and taking the rest of Western Civilization with it. Unlike other conservatives, who write plodding, dour or just plain angry essays about how unfair the world is, Ann takes the fight to the Left – and has fun while she’s doing it. Assiduously footnoted and brutally funny, Resistance Is Futile! demonstrates why Ann is the reigning Queen of conservative media. Ann is, quite literally, Right about everything. And she has great hair.

Coulter skewers the various elements of "The Resistance" -- the pussy-hat brigade, the Russian-collusion witch hunters, the media alarmists, the campus hysterics, and more. They talk about Russia? They're the ones meddling with our democracy by trying to overturn the results of the election with their relentless attacks. There’s only one thing better than reading Ann Coulter’s books, and that’s hanging out with her in person. Now you can, by joining us on tour. Pick a VIP package or above for a free signed copy of Resistance is Futile! at the show.

Pre-Order Your Copy of Milo’s New Book... About Australia!

MILO isn’t one of those foreign celebrities who parachutes in for two weeks a year to stir some shit, take a few photos near the Opera House and run off home a million quid richer after two weeks of telling the same jokes. Well, okay, that’s exactly the kind of foreign celebrity he is. Except Milo genuinely cares about the countries he visits, and there’s nowhere he loves more than the land of Vegemite and Steve Irwin (RIP). He’s even thinking of moving to Australia in 2019. Seriously! That’s actually true. But before he commits, he needs to have a word with you.

Yes, you. Australians have proven themselves remarkably resilient to political correctness, safe spaces, left-wing theatrics, feminist temper tantrums and the various forms of bad behavior associated with the vandals and idiots of the Left. At least... until now. It’s 2018, and without you even noticing, the cultural Left has started to take over your schools, your TV stations and your politics. Australia has become a country whose journalists treat Clementine Ford as a serious authority. Something has got to be done -- and quickly. Fortunately, you’ve found yourself just the fag for the job.

Before MILO even considers moving his ridiculous collection of shoes and wigs to your fair shores, he feels a responsibility to help you clean up the vagrants, feral protesters and idiot presenters clogging up the TVs, lecture halls and newspapers. His new book, Australia, You’re My Only Hope, explains how Australia got itself into this mess, and how it can drag itself out. And it gives Australia an ultimatum: clear out social justice, or he’s not moving here! Take that as a threat or a promise, it’s up to you. But reserve your copy today.